Mi 11 Lite: rendering, which model has a flat panel


Although much of the market is looking to launch the Mi 11 Ultra model, Xiaomi also has plans to announce a simpler variant. We are talking about the Mi 11 Lite, which is already an old acquaintance in the rumored channels.

This week, a well-known and trusted Chinese leaker published a rendering to show that the Mi 11 Lite will basically be the Mi 11 on the rear. The set of cameras must not be modified, something that only happens in the Ultra variant.

On the other hand, the main change is in the front. This is because the most accessible cell phone should abandon the use of curved edges. So, we have the front completely flat. See below:

Although the rendering is reheated – it has already appeared in a previous leak in the past – this is the second time that leakers report that the Mi 11 Lite will be released with a flat screen. This change is justified as necessary to cut production costs and pass the price on to the consumer.

For now, Xiaomi remains silent on the matter. Even so, sources still inform that this model will be made official with Snapdragon 732G processor, that is, without right to the 5G connection.

Of course, everything can be completely different in the official launch, since there is a second variant with Snapdragon 775G. Thus, we emphasize that you should still consider everything as just another rumor. If you want to see the “different” design of the supposed Mi 11 Ultra, just check this other text.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when he arrives click here.


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