Mhoni Vidente assured Donald Trump will divorce Melania


The Cuban astrologer assures that Melania seeks to divorce Donald Trump and that the still president will leave the United States after his defeat.

The Cuban astrologer, Mhoni Vidente, once again gave shocking predictions during one of her consultations and we have all the information for you in Somagnews.

The seer assured that the still President of the United States, Donald Trump, will divorce his wife, Melania Trump and after his defeat against Joe Biden, the Republican will move from the country he led.

For a few weeks the astrologer has foreshadowed various changes that will affect the president, and as she said at the time, Trump lost the presidential election against her opponent Joe Biden.

This is because “The Enlightened”, the 13 most powerful people in the world, no longer want him in power.

Mhoni Vidente predicts Trump and Melania divorce

However, today, Mhoni Vidente, the woman who gives horoscopes daily, made another revelation about what this politician will hold:

“President Donald Trump is going to leave the presidency. I visualize that he is getting divorced and is going to live in Russia if not in Mexico, in Los Cabos, for very important legal issues.”

This omen surprised the conductors of the program Luz Elena González and Ximena Córdoba, since on several occasions Trump has been apathetic towards Mexico and even proposed the construction of a wall that separates both countries; Despite that, Mhoni assured that the situation would be more critical for him.


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