Mhoni Seer sees Donald Trump’s death


The Cuban astrologer assured that one of the US presidential candidates will die, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

The Cuban astrologer, Mhoni Vidente, put the whole world on alert after giving her predictions about the future of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

She assured that after the presidential elections in the United States, one of the two candidates could lose his life and we have the details in Somagnews.

As you know, Donald Trump is seeking re-election and staying for another four years in the White House; however, Democrat Joe Biden seeks to prevent the aforementioned.

However, the plans of both would be frustrated due to the visions that the most accurate fortune teller had in the program “Here with you”, broadcast by El Heraldo Televisión.

What did he say about Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

Mhoni Vidente assured during her ritual that Joe Biden will win the presidential elections in the United States; however, Donald Trump will not recognize the triumph and demonstrations will take place in various parts of the country.

That is not the worst since the most accurate fortune teller of horoscopes and predictions, she assured that during the next year Donald Trump or Joe Biden will die, but she did not venture to say who of the two it will be.

“During six or seven months I see that one of the two dies, if it is not Joe Baden it is Donald Trump, so the consequences are so serious,” she said.

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