MGS: Artist Creates Action Figure From Iconic Yoji Shinkawa Snake


Metal Gear Solid was originally released for the PS1. And one of the elements that caught the most attention in the game was its incredible array of characters with an incredible design for the time. However, none of them were as striking as the representation of Solid Snake by series designer Yoji Shinkawa.

The camouflaged design became a kind of standard for the franchise, being adopted also in the following games. And the success of that first Snake perpetuates until today, to the point of inspiring an artist to create a super realistic action figure of the character.

Known on Twitter as HollychanJD, the author of the work shared a series of images from the social network showing everything from the production of the statuette to the painting process, whose colors were also kept in the standard: green and white. The post was so successful that hundreds of people were willing to buy the art, or a replica of it.

And you, what did you think of the Solid Snake action figure? Leave your comment!


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