MGM Asks And Ubisoft removes 007 GoldenEye Maps In Far Cry 5


Far Cry 5 map editor has already resulted in quite impressive creations from the community: fans have already been inspired by The Mandalorian series and the classics Resident Evil 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when recreating scenes full of references to these thematic.

However, one of these tributes was not well accepted by the franchise’s rights holder and went off the air less than a month after its release. It’s the maps that reference GoldenEye 007, the lauded Nintendo 64 game originally released in 1997.

What happened?

According to the creator of the maps, Krollywood, Ubisoft removed the modifications at the behest of MGM, the movie studio that now belongs to the Amazon conglomerate and owns the franchise of secret agent James Bond. The game in question adapts the events of the film 007 Against GoldenEye and the stage was considered an infringement of copyright and trademarks.

At least for now, the videos where Krollywood comments and plays the maps are still airing on his YouTube channel.

“Ubisoft emailed me because they got one from MGM. I think the reason is that this project is very popular now and because of articles from vehicles like IGN and Kotaku, a lot of people have learned about it now. Well… .what can I say? It’s very sad, but my work hasn’t been deleted, because I saved the levels to my console, the cloud and a USB stick. I don’t know if there’s a legal way to upload them again, because I’m on the radar from now on, I think,” explained the creator.

According to the official statement, the creation of the maps with elements of the franchise implies that Krollywood “developed an association with the Bond brand”, as some licensed collaboration, rather than “surfing clandestinely in the prestige of the franchise”.


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