Mexico’s second richest name buys Bitcoin


Those who bought Bitcoin with some of their assets were now shown as the second richest person in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego. Pliego stated in a statement that 10 percent of the liquid portfolio is in Bitcoin.

It was known that large investors such as Paul Tudor Jones, as well as corporate companies such as MicroStrategy and Square, bought Bitcoin with some of their assets. These were added Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who is now shown as Mexico’s second-largest wealthy. Pliego, in a statement on Twitter, stated that he was constantly asked about Bitcoin and said “Yes, 10 percent of my liquid portfolio is in Bitcoin”.

Pliego also suggested the book “El Patron Bitcoin” to best understand the biggest cryptocurrency, saying “Bitcoin protects your money against the possibility of government seizure”.

Replying to the words of Dan Held, the manager responsible for growth of Kraken, the USA’s famous stock exchange, about Pliego, “One of Mexico’s wealthiest people keeps 10 percent of his entire assets in Bitcoin”, Pliego said, “Dan, I love releases. “I am already a member, but not all my assets, 10 percent of my liquid assets are in Bitcoin”. Pliego stated that 90 percent of its remaining liquid assets are in precious metals.

Venezuela is the country that has experienced the most severe crisis in Latin American countries struggling with inflation recently… It is known that the Maduro administration has taken serious steps regarding cryptocurrencies in the country with hyperinflation.

“Fiat currencies have no value”

Before Pliego tweeted about Bitcoin, in another tweet, he stated that the money given by the government has no value and emphasized that investments should always be diversified.

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Pliego, founder and chairman of the Salinas Group; He is known as a businessman with a stake in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail outlets.


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