Mexico rethinks new health measures


Mexico is at a crossroads in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest figure provided by the government indicates that 73,258 people have died from the virus and 694,121 have been reported with the disease.

To this panorama is added the winter season that is about to arrive in the country and what brings with it an active wave of influenza. Given this, the Ministry of Health is rethinking the new health measures that will be implemented, as well as restrictions on mobility and healthy distance.

Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, said that the pandemic due to the new coronavirus has not ended and that, in October, with the arrival of influenza, it is expected that the cases of SarsCov2 will increase.

“We will continue to remember it, the pandemic is not over, let’s stay at home, if we succeed, we will handle the epidemic as a people, in a more orderly manner until it subsides, with the risk that, in October, when the influenza comes, we may have an exacerbation of cases and it could be that we need new restriction measures, that is why we must manage the risk by reducing infections as much as possible, “he warned.

He also spoke about the outbreaks that have occurred in some European countries such as Spain, Belgium, France and Germany and said that in the case of a pandemic there were no unique formulas.

He recognized that there were “frank and clear outbreaks” but with a “substantially lower mortality.”

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