Mexico expects coronavirus outbreak in October


MEXICO – The COVID-19 epidemic in the country could last until April 2021 due to an outbreak in October with the arrival of influenza, assured Hugo López Gatell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion.

He said that for four weeks there are nations that have registered outbreaks of the magnitude with which the first wave occurred.

“A rebound in the number of COVID-19 cases began; regrettable deaths; hospital occupation; for some of the countries it is similar in magnitude to what was experienced at the beginning of the epidemic (.) during the month of January, the end of January and the beginning of February ”.

Given this, the official specified that Mexico is not exempt from this phenomenon.

“That is why we have talked about the long epidemic in Mexico; it was contemplated that it could last from February to October; but it could also be beyond October, let’s not forget, we have said it on countless occasions, “he said.

“When October comes the influenza season will come and along with the influenza season it may happen that COVID-19 also presents itself in an epidemic stage; in a second wave, and this could extend to October, November, December, January, February, March and until April 2021, which is exactly the months of the influenza epidemic ”.

He indicated that the beds of COVID-19 will be reduced as other health services are resumed, but will be in reserve before a regrowth.

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