Mexico exceeds 69,000 deaths from coronavirus


MEXICO – Despite the fact that health authorities have reported that the numbers of infections by coronavirus are already decreasing, there are already 645,507 positive cases and the deaths exceed 69,000, since the first patient with COVID-19 was registered, on February 28 February.

In his most recent report, José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health reported 4,647 new infections and 611 deaths due to COVID-19, which represents a cumulative of 647,507 positive cases and 69,095 deaths.

Alomía indicated that in the last 24 hours accumulated infections had an increase of 0.72%, while deaths registered an increase of 0.89% compared to the previous balance.

During the presentation of the technical report, the official indicated that the number of people studied since the pandemic was declared reached 1,465,693 patients this day, with a positive result in 41% of the cases.

In addition to the cases confirmed through tests, another 734,649 people tested negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while there are 83,537 suspected patients who are pending to know the laboratory result.

Alomy said that if a percentage of the suspects who will test positive is considered, an average of 40%, it can be estimated at 681,321 cases of coronavirus.

Among these, 6%, equivalent to 39,994 patients, would be active cases with symptoms and signs of infection developed in the last 14 days, explained the Director of Epidemiology of the Mexican Government.

Using the same system, the number of deaths in the country is estimated at 70,818. Additionally, a total of 454,982 people have already recovered from the infection, around 70% of those who have contracted the disease.

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Mexican hospitals have 10,375 beds occupied by patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19, a figure that represents 33% of the 31,178 spaces that are enabled for medical care.

Mexico also has 10,657 beds equipped with ventilators for the care of more serious patients who require intubation, of which 2,919 are being used while another 7,738 are available, said Alomía.

Mexico began on June 1 the so-called “new normal” that operates based on a four-color epidemiological traffic light that regulates the opening of economic and social activities.

Confinement was never mandatory in the country, therefore in many entities some non-essential activities continued to function, coupled with the fact that many people did not use the mask in public places, which has been criticized by the opposition and by a part of society and They have criticized the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for mishandling the pandemic.

This week, of the 32 states of Mexico, 10 states will be in yellow (medium risk), 21 in orange (high risk) and 1 in red (maximum risk). So far no state in the country has been declared green (low risk).

According to reports from Johns Hopkins University, Mexico is eighth in the world in confirmed cases behind the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, Peru, Colombia and South Africa, and fourth in global deaths from COVID-19 after the United States. Brazil and India.


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