Mettzer: How To Use It To Create Text Formatted In ABNT


Mettzer is a program built to assist academics, undergraduates and researchers in the preparation of monographs, articles, theses or any document that requires the application of the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) – which, despite the written content, are a real challenge.

There are numerous websites that take on the difficult task of explaining these standards. Many of them, however, contain divergent information. Therefore, unless you are very experienced in the subject, it is necessary to carry out multiple searches to ensure that the structure is correct. The process ends up demanding a lot of energy and time, two valuable resources when it comes to academic texts. Mettzer, on the face of it, promises to be a much faster and more practical solution.

What is Mettzer?

It is an online text editor with characteristics very similar to those of Microsoft Word and other programs in the same segment, but with a differential: the presence of multiple resources dedicated to the elaboration of files according to ABNT standards. The program has a specialized team that is responsible for adapting and monitoring any new developments, as well as updating the metrics used.

Thus, all that is needed is for the user to insert the document’s content, and the program will do all the rest, configuring margins, spacing, paragraph tabulation, page numbering, font size and name, among other essential aspects for the adequacy of the file. According to the official website, the editor is ideal for the preparation of the following works:

TCC – Course completion work;
Class work;
Scientific article;
Research project;
Masters dissertation;
Multidisciplinary Integrated Project – PIM UNIP;
Internship Report and Report;
Doctoral thesis;
Review and Critical Review.