Metroid Inspires Fan Game Within The Game Builder Garage


Metroid: When Nintendo released the Game Builder Garage game for Switch this year, it opened the door for fans to create their own titles inside the hybrid console. The Looygi Bros. took the opportunity to honor the legendary Super Metroid of the SNES with the incredible minigame Metroid Attack!. Check out:

Only two people were involved in this project, and they kindly showed all the behind-the-scenes production in the video above, ranging from humble beginnings with objects that were nothing like the Metroid world to the process of calibrating the gameplay and inserting the sprites that so well know and love.

The idea of ​​Metroid Attack! is to fight hordes upon hordes of alien invaders in a frantic shooting minigame. If you liked what you saw, it is now possible to download the project on your own console using the ID “G 002 72C KTL”, then how about downloading it and tell us here in the comments what you think of this initiative, and if you do you know other cool fan projects?