Metroid Dread: Player Discovers Quick Way To Kill Kraid


Metroid Dread is now available to the public, and some players are already finding ways to use certain skills ahead of time and thus take advantage in confrontations against some of the enemies present in this adventure. One of these is Kraid, which can be defeated quite quickly if you follow the steps correctly.

As you can see in the video below, there is the possibility of defeating the second boss in the game in a much easier way with the help of the Grapple Beam. If you do, just follow in search of Morph Ball Bombs to make this confrontation even more relaxed (it is worth saying that, in the normal progression, these items only appear after this combat).

If you want to see how to do all these processes (don’t watch the video below if you want to have a complete and spoiler-free experience), just watch the recording that follows:

A curious fact is that, although fans always find a way to get some items ahead of schedule, this is possibly the first time the production team has offered some kind of reward for those who manage to find a way to circumvent the planned progression .

Metroid Dread is available exclusively for Switch.


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