Metroid Dread: Nintendo Publishes Artwork For Each Game In The Franchise


Nintendo prepares for the release of Metroid Dread, which will take place on October 8th. To promote the arrival of the new game from one of its most acclaimed franchises, the producer made a special thread on Twitter, where they made available original artwork from each of the Metroid titles.

There are seven images highlighting Samus with his iconic armor, in the versions of games from the main Metroid series. Below you’ll find some compressed examples not to weigh this post down, but in Nintendo’s original tweet it’s possible to download the images in high resolution, which should satisfy just about any cell phone screen.

The producer only published the arts to promote the arrival of its next game, but imagining its use as wallpaper on a cell phone is practically natural, given the proportion and format of each of the prints.

It’s a good way to keep your own hype up there every time you look at the device’s own screen, but perhaps it’s not an advantage for more eager gamers. We invite readers Metroid fans to comment which image they like the most, and if it matches the game in the series they like the most.

Metroid Dread arrives on October 8th exclusively on Switch. On the same day, we will have the launch of Switch OLED, a new version of Nintendo’s handheld with a more advanced screen.


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