Metroid Dread: How To Avoid The Bug That Prevents Progress Near The End Of The Game


Metroid Dread: MercurySteam and Nintendo are already working on an update, which will be released at the end of October.The new MercurySteam production is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Metroid Dread has garnered rave reviews and also the occasional slap on the wrist (it has been discovered that the study does not credit all of its workers). At the same time, those in Kyoto have recognized the presence of a bug that can interfere with progression. They have promised a patch for the end of October, but until that time comes there are a few steps you can take so that it does not happen to you.

The error appears near the end of Metroid Dread, at which point in specific circumstances the following message may appear: “The program has been closed due to an error.” Mario and Samus Aran’s company has published on their website that they have certified the existence of the bug: “Almost at the end of the game, if the players destroy a door while the marker for that same door appears on the map, the game closes. suddenly ”and the aforementioned message appears.

So you can avoid the bug

Nintendo has regretted the situation and has asked players who have experienced this error to take the following steps:

-Start the game again and, before the indicated sequence occurs, remove the marker icon from the map so that the error does not occur.
-Once the update is released in October 2021, update the game.

Great debut of Metroid Dread also in Japan

The new installment of the saga has been released in Japan with 87,000 units sold in physical format. This figure alone may not say much, but it should be noted that it is the brand’s most powerful debut in 20 years. Metroid Dread has arrived at the same time as the Nintendo Switch OLED, the new model of the hybrid.

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