Metroid Dread Has Best Release In Series History in Japan


Metroid Dread sold 86,798 units at its launch in Japan, which represents a crushing record for the game series. The number comes from Famitsu and counts only physical units sold, which probably means that the game sold a lot more if we count the digital copies.

The tweet above comes from Nibel, known in the world of game news, especially those coming from Japan. In his tweet, he has a table showing the sales figures for other Metroid launches. The predecessor with the best number was Metroid Fusion, which sold just under 50,000 units.

But the number is not just impressive considering the Metroid series. Dread had the best release of the weekend compared to other games as well, including beating the monstrous marketing for Far Cry 6, which didn’t come close to Dread even by adding up the units sold on PS4 and PS5. Check below the ranking of the best-selling games in Japan in the last week, according to Famitsu:

Metroid Dread: 86,798 (release) / Nintendo / Switch
Far Cry 6: 34.219 (release) / Ubisoft / PS4
Far Cry 6: 16,686 (release) / Ubisoft / PS5
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 12,257 (4,085,509 cumulative) / Nintendo / Switch
Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL: 11,936 (cumulative 4,459,954) / Nintendo / Switch
Switch Ring Fit Adventure: 11,257 (cumulative 2,862,651) / Nintendo / Switch
Minecraft: 10,699 (cumulative 2,225,165) / Microsoft Japan / Switch
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!: 9,513 (cumulative 9,513) / PLAYISM / Switch
Lost Judgment: 8,589 (cumulative 140,834 in total) / Sega / PS4
WarioWare: Get It Made in Wario: 7,787 (cumulative 144,966 ) / Nintendo / Switch


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