Metroid Dread Gains Gameplay, Screenshots and Production Details


Metroid Dread was certainly one of the highlights of the presentation that Nintendo held this Tuesday (15) during E3 2021. Many fans wanted the moment to see Samus Aran returning to 2D scenarios with lateral progression, and if it is one of these many details were released shortly after its revelation.

The video you can see below starts with a video in which Sakamoto Yoshio, the game’s producer, talks a little about the game’s development. In the chat, he comments that the initial ideas for creating the game came 15 years ago, but at the time the team ended up leaving the project aside because they thought that the technologies of the time would not be enough to deliver the project they wanted .

In addition to other details associated with the production, the video also gives you a chance to check out a few minutes of gameplay. In these excerpts, we see some of the protagonist’s abilities (such as the slide à la Mega Man from the old games) and also how she will deal with the new threat of E.M.M.I. thanks to the Phantom Cloak feature.

Metroid Dread is a Switch-exclusive game, and will be available to the public from October 8th this year.


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