Metro Exodus Launches Steam with a Big Discount


Metro Exodus, the last game of the subway game series, took its place on Steam after the agreement with Epic Games ended. The game entered the Steam Store with a 40% discount.

The Metro series, which is among the best-selling novels worldwide, written with the pen of the Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, still remains popular. The book series was translated into a series of games by 4A Games in 2010 so players can enjoy this amazing series.

In this post-apocalyptic world, this mutant-filled adventure, which we have descended into the depths of the Moscow subway and where the earth is forbidden to us, has succeeded in getting us well with Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light games. Then Redux versions were released, which reveal the graphics of both games.

Big discount on Metro Exodus:
When we came to 2019, a new Metro game was looking at us: Metro Exodus. This game was a sequel to the series and again graphically awesome. However, the game made its first debut only in the Epic Games Store due to an agreement with Epic Games Store.

Here, the transfer of that agreement ended the day we passed and Metro Exodus took its place in the store of Steam, the platform that players use most. Moreover, the game made its arrival to Steam to show the players. Metro Exodus entered Steam with a 40% discount.


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