Metro Exodus Gains Support for DualSense Features on PC


Metro Exodus: One of the best things about the PS5 is its controller, also known as DualSense, as it has some very interesting features that bring a new type of experience in the console games. With haptic feedback, the vibrations of the control emulate situations that we see on the screen, bringing more immersion to the players. Adaptive triggers bring different resistance depending on the weapon you use in a game or if you try to make a tired character run, for example.

Considering that DualSense can be used normally on the PC for months, many players were hopeful with the possibility of taking advantage of the new features of the controller without having to shell out more money when purchasing the PS5. Of course, months after the arrival of the new generation of consoles, this did not seem to be a priority for many developers, at least until Metro Exodus received a special patch on Steam.

This update brought some bugfixes, but also included the long-awaited support for DualSense. Now, you can count on haptic feedback and triggers that respond differently based on the type of weapon you use throughout the adventure. The same update should arrive on the PS5 itself soon, since for now it is only possible to play it without these features of the controller in the PS4 version.

It is quite possible that this will encourage other studios to release this support for their games on the PC, which would be great so that the wonders of DualSense are not always attached to a console. Of course, for now, the way is to wait for the games themselves.

What about you, do you have a game you would love to see using haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in your Steam library?


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