Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition Will Have DLSS 2.0


Metro Exodus: Nvidia has revealed that its new Game Ready Driver, released for current GeForce GPUs, will provide full support for DLSS 2.0 and Ray Tracing technologies for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition.

According to the company, the enhanced version of the survival horror Metro Exodus will mark a major step towards making lighting technologies available in the game market, being the first AAA title to use them in all in-game effects. Among the novelties, the introduction of reflections on surfaces, optimized global lighting and emissive lighting was confirmed, all done entirely with ray tracing.

Support for DLSS 2.0 arrives as an exclusive feature of Nvidia cards, ensuring better performance and image quality. According to the requirements disclosed by the 4A Games studio, it will be possible to use Ray Tracing on AMD Radeon GPUs, but DLSS will not be able to be enabled by users. Check out the requirements for the enhanced version below.

Interestingly, Ray Tracing will be mandatory to run the game, and the enhanced version of Metro Exodus will not work with cards that do not have the technology. Thus, the only way to experience it is through an RTX or RX, something that makes the title the first game released exclusively for graphics cards with support for ray tracing.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be released on May 6 for PC, with a free upgrade for those who own the original version.


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