Metro 2033 is Epic Games’ new limited-time free game


Following with Christmas gifts, the Epic Games Store announced today (22) that Metro 2033 is the new free game for PC players. The game is yours forever and it’s not a free weekend, but the offer to win the title permanently ends in less than a day – so you better run!

Since December 15th, the Epic Games Store has been giving away many games for free, like Alien: Isolation, Oddworld, Cities: Skylines and many others. To redeem Metro 2033 for free at the Epic Games Store, simply log in with your account and add the game to your library.

There are still many games that will be free at Epic Games and we will keep an eye out for posting here on Voxel. What did you think of Metro 2033? Have you redeemed the game? Leave your comment below!


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