A Method to Block God Mode Discovered in GTA Online


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5, which has not experienced the slightest loss in popularity since its launch, has always been the focus of attention with its tricks that allow you to do extraordinary things in the game, but if you are tired of encountering these tricks in GTA Online, it is useful to read this news carefully. .

A Reddit user named AnthonyESLV discovered an excellent method of anti-cheat on GTA Online and shared it with other players. I assure you that this strategy may be the most effective method we have ever seen.

Using the Cargobob helicopter, AnthonyESLV took advantage of a bug in God Mode and tracked a cheating player in the game. The user, who caught the vehicle using a hook, threw the player towards the sea.

Cargobob helicopter
However, it is necessary to remind that such helicopters are quite slow. Therefore, when trying this method, you should be very careful against missiles from other players on the ground. In the meantime, let’s not go without saying that the error in question is valid only in minivan style vehicles.

Sharing some important tips for those who do not have much experience with Cargobob, AnthonyESLV said, “A tip from someone who spends their hours to use Cargobob well: Target the spoiler, not the roof of the car. In this way, you can carry the vehicle much more easily and launch it wherever you want. ”

In the images shared by the Reddit user, it appears that Cargobob threw the hook after it was lowered towards the vehicle. AnthonyESLV, patiently following the car and taking action at the right time, thus dismantles the car from the asphalt and throws it into the middle of the sea. If you are a GTA Online player, I would definitely try this tactic.

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Moments of the GTA Online player launching the sea with Cargobob


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