Meteorite that fell in MG is part of the giant asteroid Vesta


It was 3:25 am on May 8 when requests for “Come meteor!” that so many people have done this year were attended to, with an incandescent bolide streaking the dark sky over the city of Tiros, in Minas Gerais.

Now, it is known that it is a piece of Vesta, one of the largest known asteroids in the solar system, already analyzed by NASA’s Dawn probe.

Finding the fragments of the meteor that resisted entry into the Earth’s atmosphere was left to the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (BRAMON), which calculated its most likely trajectory. A piece of approximately 400g was found by a farmer on the edge of a trail, in the countryside of the city. Forwarded to UFRJ, it was discovered that he is a chondrite (a rocky meteorite that has the same characteristics as the body that originated it) of the eucrite type.

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