Meteor falls on Lagoa dos Patos, in RS


A flash that appeared in a vertical trajectory in the sky of Rio Grande do Sul, on Wednesday night (24), drew the attention of the residents of some cities in the state. The curious luminous phenomenon was a meteor that fell over Lagoa dos Patos, in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, according to the Heller & Jung Space Observatory.

According to the professor and owner of the institution Carlos Fernando Jung, the space rock in question was part of the Beta Comae Berenicids meteor shower and probably disintegrated completely before diving into the waters of the lagoon.

The meteor entered the atmosphere at an altitude of 96.2 km, according to Jung, and had a low magnitude of -1.2, that is, it was an object of low brightness. Despite this, two cameras from the observatory, one installed in Porto Alegre and the other in the city of Taquara, managed to record the fall. See below, in the video released by UOL:

Also according to the expert, the fast object took just 2.5 seconds to cross the Earth’s atmosphere and was not very large. Even with its small size and high speed, it could be seen in practically the entire state, especially by residents of the regions close to the capital, where the sky was clear, offering better visibility.

Second fall in March

A few days ago, another meteor fall also rocked the state, just as it had in February. On the 13th, a fireball-like meteor crossed the sky over the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, being recorded through the lens of the Heller & Jung Space Observatory.

At that time, the space rock was much brighter than this recent one and originated from a comet or asteroid, as Jung points out, disintegrating just over a second after entering the atmosphere.

Another difference is that the meteor seen over the lagoon, this week, fell at an angle very close to 90º.


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