Meteor fall ‘fireball’ is seen in Rio Grande do Sul; watch


The fall of a fireball meteor of high magnitude was seen in Taquera, in Rio Grande do Sul, on the night of last Thursday (25), around 8:30 pm. The cameras of the Heller & Jung Space Observatory, located in the city of Rio Grande do Sul, made a record of the moment when it is visible in the sky. Check out the video:

The owner of the observatory and scientific director of the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (Bramon) told G1 that the meteor was -9 magnitude (brightness), considered high. In comparison, the moon’s brightness was -12.3 tonight. The duration from entry into the atmosphere to extinction over the ocean was 6 seconds.

This is not the first time that a registration has been made in the state. In January, the observatory had already pointed out another fall from a high-magnitude meteor. The phenomenon lasted seven seconds and could be seen in cities in the Metropolitan Region, Serra, North Coast and Northern Region of the state. In 2018, only seven of this magnitude were recorded.

According to Jung, the number of high-magnitude meteor falls has increased since 2019 in the country, from January to February.


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