Meteor explodes in Vermont atmosphere in the United States


The entry of a meteor above Vermont had an effect similar to an explosion of almost 200 kilograms of TNT, which suggests the approximate size of a bowling ball. The event was felt in the American region and took place last Sunday (07), which caused a show of light and noise when it disintegrated in the atmosphere.

As the object entered the atmosphere, the increased pressure caused fractures in its structure. Therefore, a pressure wave generated small shakes on the earth’s surface, which were detected by seismic instruments and infrasound stations (low frequency sound over long distances) in the area, responsible for pointing out its dimensions and characterizing it as a probable fragment of asteroid.

According to NASA’s Meteor Watch page on Facebook, the passage of the space rock had a speed of 68,000 km / h and appeared in the northern part of the state at 17:38 local time, just before sunset. Witnesses reported to the news channel WCAX3 a loud bang, which even felt vibrations in their bodies. Check out the meteor recorded by Burlington International Airport:

“I was lucky to hear and see this near the Missisquoi River [on the east coast of the National Wildlife Refuge]. It was extremely brilliant and absolutely spectacular! ”, Commented resident Chris Hrotic in NASA’s social media post.

Based on this and other types of testimonials, the agency estimated that the incident first arose over Mount Mansfield State Forest, east of the state’s largest city, Burlington. Then it traveled 53 kilometers to the northeast, towards the Canadian border, and disappeared in the south of the city of Newport.



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