Metaverse: See Professions Of The Future Linked To This Market


Metaverse: The metaverse gained great visibility this year after Meta, owner of Facebook, changed its name to follow this market trend. Thus, the concept of digital universes is receiving attention from more companies, integration with games and even exclusive cryptocurrencies.

Thus, an idea that seemed too far away or mere speculation already moves large amounts of money, through the sale of virtual land, exclusive clothes and other items. Even one case of harassment has already been registered in the metaverse.

This digital universe requires new knowledge and, with this, new professions related to the metaverse must emerge in the future. The Época Negócios portal separated some of these positions. Check out!

Professions of the future

1. Metaverse Research Scientist — at the top of the list is the professional who will be responsible for creating the “theory of everything” for this universe. Must master deep learning and computer graphics skills.

2. Metaverse strategist — responsible for identifying market opportunities, driving cases, influencing scripts, and strategically developing metrics. You need to have great knowledge about management and marketing.

3. Ecosystem developer — will be responsible for creating the ecosystem and ensuring that its functionalities reach the desired proportions. Must master institutional relationships and have an understanding of the XR industry.

4. Security Manager — will ensure that the metaverse is a secure environment and that its functionality matches. Technology engineers with a specialization in systems security fit into this role.

5. Hardware Builder — To make the experience more real, the metaverse is built with the help of cameras, headphones, sensors and virtual glasses. Must have hardware and consumer electronics experience.

6. Metaverse Storyteller — responsible for designing the experience in the virtual environment through “immersive missions”. You need to be a good storyteller, with knowledge of literature and marketing.

7. World Builder — must have great knowledge in game design, graphic design with experience in 3D and augmented reality.

8. Ad blocking specialist — although many companies use ads, they may be limited in the digital environment. The professional must have knowledge in coding.