Metaverse Popular Coins! Sandbox and Mana Coin Future!


Since the second half of last year, everyone has focused on the metaverse. Facebook, Microsoft and more giant companies have started to take concrete steps in this area. Of course, metaverse-oriented projects that exist in the crypto money ecosystem have also gained more investors. So what are the popular altcoins working in the metaverse space? How many dollars can Sandbox and Mana be in the future?

Metaverse Popular Coins

There are 186 different altcoins in this category. Their total market value is around 26.6 billion dollars. The transaction volume created by 186 metaverse-focused altcoins in the last 24 hours was limited to $ 4.1 billion.

Of course, the volatile movements of Bitcoin (BTC) involve much higher risk, negatively affecting the altcoin market. Very recently, the market value of metaverse-focused projects was over $30 billion.

The most popular metaverse coins are as follows, in order of market value;















And CEEK. The market capitalization of other altcoins is below $250 million.

Sandbox and the Future of Mana Coins

If you have been investing in crypto money markets for more than 2 years, you should know that some crypto money you invested in the first period is forgotten today. Some altcoins that once broke volume records are not even listed on CMC systems today. For example, Cloak was reaching serious volumes on the Binance exchange in 2017. Today, with a daily trading volume of $286, it clearly screams that it has been erased from history. Investors who said they would buy Cloak in 2017 and keep it for a long time now carry a huge amount of garbage in their wallets.

Could Sandbox or Mana Coin be like this? There is absolutely no guarantee that it will not happen, and if you have made a long-term investment, you need to master all the details of the project. Sandbox and Mana have reached serious community. It caught the attention of institutional investors. Morgan Stanley says the metaverse market will exceed $8 trillion in the coming period. Considering that the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem is floundering at $1.6 trillion (for now), that’s a really cool number. The question is, will SAND and Mana get a slice of this cake? They have a satisfactory market share for now and it looks like they will continue to grow.