Metaverse game Celestial’s token CELT is listed on OKEx


Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has listed CELT, the crypto money of the Celestial project, as of today. Deposits for CELT on the stock market started at 12.00, while spot trading was launched at 14.00. Withdrawals can be made from 13:00 tomorrow.


Celestial is a metaverse star war game combining GameFi and SocialFi. In the game, users can use various resources, explore the game galaxy and form alliances for intergalactic wars. CELT, on the other hand, is Celestial’s governance token and an important asset that can be earned in-game.

  • Entity name: Celestial
  • Abbreviation: CELT
  • Total supply: 5,000,000,000

Celestial also stands out as one of the few crypto money projects that OKEx directly supports.


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