“Metaverse” Comment from The Sandbox Co-Founder


Sebastian Borget, co-founder and COO of Blockchain-based play-to-earn game platform The Sanbox, talked about the possible effects of the Metaverse ecosystem on the global economy by conveying his ideas on the concept of Metaverse, which has been talked about and discussed frequently in recent months.

Metaverse Comment from The Sanbox Co-Founder

Sebastian Borget, co-founder of blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming platform The Sandbox, which has gained huge popularity recently, argued that it could cause the Metaverse ecosystem to expand rapidly.

Borget gave the following words in his statements on the subject:

“Web 3.0 and the Metaverse allow everyone to be an explorer of their own human imagination by creating new parallel universes from which we can choose our own experiences. The Metaverse ecosystem will perhaps lead to the rapid expansion of the global economy.”

The Metaverse Ecosystem Is Growing

Metaverse gained immense popularity with the name change and rebranding of Meta (formerly Facebook). Many giant corporate companies have started to carry out various studies in this field. While Meta allocated very large amounts of funds to this area, JP Morgan described Metaverse as a 1 trillion dollar opportunity and entered this ecosystem concretely by purchasing a digital space on the Decentrland platform.

Local cryptocurrencies of Metaverse projects, which stood out in this process, also showed very high price performances. Many blockchain-based virtual reality platforms are starting to reach wider user bases, just as The Sanbox recently reached 2 million registered users.