Metaverse Coins: MANA analysis, sandbox coin, AXS coin review!


If you are wondering what the future will be like, you should definitely study the companies working on the metaverse. The moment of the emergence of wearable technologies, the metaverse-oriented transformation of giant social networks and many other developments give us an idea of the metaverse and the future. So what’s the latest situation, what about the most popular coins of the metaverse?

Decentraland Analysis (MANA)

The price of Decentraland (MANA) at the time of writing was $2.62. The price is above the 100- and 200-day averages on the four-hour chart. The RSI is neutral, while the MACD remains negative. MANA remained above the target level of $2.71 for a while, but the uncertain Bitcoin exchange rate brought it down again. It is necessary to closely monitor the lower support at $2.53 and $2.35.

Sandbox Coin (SAND)

SAND is currently available at $3.40. Continuing the day with a loss of about 4%, the SAND metaverse coin gets its share of uncertainty in the market. The price is above the 200-day average (3.33). The RSI is approaching the oversold zone.

In the short term, it is important to stay above the $3.33 level, the price should constantly exceed $3.57. If Bitcoin retests the $48,000 level, the SAND price could also reach the $4.24 and $4.86 targets.

Axi Infinity (AXS)

The news of the Ronin hack also negatively affected the price of AXS. During one of the largest robberies in the history of cryptocurrency, $625 million of cryptocurrency was stolen. However, there is no serious loss of Axie Infinity players, and activity continues to grow. At the time of writing, the AXS token finds buyers at $63 with a loss of 5%.

According to many experts, the price drop due to hacking gives an opportunity to buy. However, if bitcoin falls below these levels and stays below $40,000, AXS could suffer more serious losses. Strong support is at $58 and $52. From here, a reversal can begin if the price exceeds $67 in the short term. At best, gradual sales can be carried out at the levels of 70, 81 and 93 dollars.