Metaverse Coin Madness: Here are 5 Altcoins You Must Watch!


We take a look at 5 altcoins that should be on the radars from the list of Metaverse coin follower Shabana Arif.

Radar, 5 metaverse coin projects

The first metaverse Mirandus is a fantasy role-playing game from Gala Games. The in-game token is called Materium and represents the magical resource players need to make potions, craft magical weapons, and generally go on adventures. Mirandus is free to play but is currently in testing. A metaverse coin project that may be in demand due to its in-game features to the analyst.

My Neighbor Alice, a multiplayer construction game inspired by the next Animal Crossing, allows players to create and develop their land, do daily activities and interact with their in-game neighbors. The local token ALICE is used for in-game purchases such as land, assets, and avatar items. According to the analyst, ALICE’s use of PoS for staking and thus passive gains can be evaluated.

Light Night is a Battle Royale Fortnite clone featuring in-game Bitcoin rewards, microtransactions, and Bitcoin NFTs. Instead of distributing Bitcoin, the game uses the smallest unit of currency called satoshi. Players can trade them on Elixir, which has been dubbed the first Bitcoin NFT market for players. According to the analyst, Bitcoin integration may be promising.

Second on the list is Illuvium (ILV). An open world adventure RPG, players of Illuvium are tasked with entering the wilderness to catch creatures called Illuvials. Think in the line of Pokemon; Illusions have abilities, classes, and can be combined and upgraded to unlock new forms. You basically collect monsters and fight them, Illuvium is set for open beta in Q1 2022, which is the closest to the release date we have for now. The analyst recommends acting fast for early discovery.

Finally, GensoKishi Online Meta World is different from other Blockchain games on the list as it has been around for over a decade. Presenting the Game of the Year Gold Award in Taiwan in 2012, the game has amassed eight million users since its launch. The analyst recommends that the project be strictly investigated.