Metal Slug Returns! These two games are coming to Nintendo Switch


SNK published Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission Double Pack on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Learn a little more about these games


This Wednesday, September 15, SNK published on the Nintendo Switch eShop Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission Double Pack. This double game package is available for the price of € 14.99 in the European store and $ 307.30 pesos in the Mexican store.

It should be noted that these titles are not the ones that originally came out in the arcades. Actually, they are adaptations of those that were published in the Neo Geo Pocket Color, a portable console.

Two Metal Slug games for the price of one

Despite the aforementioned, they retain the same run and gun gameplay with which this franchise is known. So you have to enter the battlefield and shoot everything that moves.

Sure, except for the prisoners we will meet from time to time. One thing these games stand out for is retaining their legendary difficulty. But this time it is possible to hold out a little longer due to some change.

What happens is that the games in Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission Double Pack include a life bar, which is emptied due to damage. If it is not played with enough skill, the end will not take long to arrive.

But at least it gives players a better chance, since in the past a single shot was enough to take out a character. Despite this change, there are some elements that prevail and it is worth highlighting.

These games come from a compilation

In these games in the series it is possible to take various branches and thus explore other routes. One of the novelties that this version has compared to those that came out in the Neo Geo Pocket Color is to resume the game anywhere.

That is, there are save points, so it is not necessary to start a level again. It is even possible to go back a bit in time and thus avoid the attack that would annihilate us.

Metal Slug 1st Mission and Metal Slug 2nd Mission, which come in this pack, are included in Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1. It is a compilation that includes 10 games from this handheld console.

It seems that SNK wants to launch another edition, but at the moment there are no details about it. This collection also had a physical edition in Japan, while in the West it had a more limited one through Limited Run Games.


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