Metal Gear Solid V: Come to life as a bionic prosthesis


Venom Snake’s iconic bionic arm is now a reality thanks to the Hero Arm prosthesis from the Open Bionics company in collaboration with Konami.

The technology company Open Bionics has presented with Konami a new version of his arm as a Hero Arm prosthesis, a new version fully customized in the style of the iconic bionic arm that Venom Snake wears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and that now it is more real than ever thanks to a prototype that bears an enormous similarity to the virtual version seen in Hideo Kojima’s video game. This is how Konami has presented it through a new video clip in which a fan of the title tests the benefits of this new prosthetic arm.

A very special Hero Arm based on Metal Gear

Thus, Konami has shared a new video clip explaining what this new version of the Hero Arm from Open Bionics consists of, an English company specialized in 3D printing that has been working on a multi-grip prosthetic arm for some time and now adopts the appearance of the iconic arm Venom Snake bionic.

A video in which Daniel Melville, a 29-year-old fan of the Konami saga and who was born without a right forearm, tries out this special new Hero Arm, highlighting the capabilities of said prosthesis at the level of grip and comfort: “It’s a incredible breakthrough. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted from a bionic arm. I’m an avid Metal Gear Solid gamer and fan and having Snake’s real arm is just insane, ”says Melville.

“Since Open Bionics was founded six years ago, the Snake arm is one of the most requested designs for the Hero Arm, so we are delighted to offer it to our users, and very grateful to Konami for collaborating to make fiction come true.” , says Samantha Payne, COO and co-founder of Open Bionics.


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