Metal Gear Solid-Like Stealth Game, Unnoticed, will penetrate the PS5 in 2022


The independent stealth game Undetected, inspired by Metal Gear Solid, will appear on PlayStation 5, Steam and other platforms this year. The famous game by Hideo Kojima, released back in 1998, transferred a tactical spy thriller into a three-dimensional space with sneaking from top to bottom and an epic cinematic story. Developer Antonio Freire announced the Undetected stealth action back in January, but now the project has received an exciting trailer that should excite any Metal Gear Solid fan.

The first installment of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear franchise, released in 1987, but 1998’s Metal Gear Solid made the leap to 3D graphics. A favorite name puts players in the place of Solid Snake, a genetically modified soldier who was pulled out of retirement to infiltrate Shadow Moses Island. Players must destroy Metal Gear Rex, a giant robot capable of delivering a nuclear strike. Players must avoid enemies and fight famous bosses using cunning, a number of useful tools and a whole arsenal of weapons. While the remake of Metal Gear Solid Unreal Engine 5 demonstrates how the game will look like today, Undetected promises to bring back the core values of the stealth game.

The announcing trailer for Undetected, posted on YouTube by publisher Digerati, teases an extremely faithful Metal Gear Solid experience. Players act as a cyber-augmented agent Tenoch Kaan, who must infiltrate the eternal energy station Chicxulub to save the Mexican revolutionary group. The top-down stealth game perfectly recreates the Metal Gear Solid experience: Kaan warns guards if he runs through certain floors and throws objects to distract or disable enemies. The trailer also features frightening boss fights and first-person aiming. Billed as the “renaissance of stealth action,” Undetected will be released on Steam, PlayStation 5 and other platforms in 2022.

Although Undetected will continue the legacy of the game, there have been rumors for some time about an official remake of Metal Gear Solid. A remake of the GameCube game called Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes was released in 2004 with improved graphics and an upgraded gameplay. Now there are rumors that a completely new version of the game is being developed for modern equipment, although the publisher Konami has not responded to these statements in any way. Fans consider Bluepoint Games, the PlayStation-owned studio that remade Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls, a particularly popular choice to create such a remake.

While Hideo Kojima has left Konami and retired from the Metal Gear franchise, Antonio Freire hopes to continue his legacy with Undetected. The indie game seems to perfectly modernize the gameplay of Metal Gear Solid by giving players different ways to sneak around using a variety of different tools and techniques. The release of the game is scheduled for the end of 2022, so fans of a tactical spy thriller should prepare for the revival of a stealth thriller.