Metal Gear Solid Has New Glitch Discovered and Animates Speedrunners


We know how much speedrunners appreciate glitches that can be used to skip certain sections of games, making an entire game even shorter. So when a Twitch streamer known as Boba accidentally discovered a glitch in Metal Gear Solid, players dedicated to making speedruns of this classic raced to learn, refine and insert the new technique into their matches.

The case happened when Boba was playing Metal Gear Solid in one of her lives when she was attacked by enemies in the game. When turning to fight, her character received so many shots that he was accidentally pushed through a locked door. It turns out that to get to the part where you can open and go through that door, you have to go through long tasks and other sections.

By recreating this glitch, speedrunners will be able to bypass everything that was necessary and enter that area quite easily and quickly. The streamer even commented that when she saw the situation happening, she imagined that other people already knew and used the bug for a long time, without having any idea that she was the first. If you’re curious, you can check the moment she walks through the door in the tweet above!

Now that the bug has gone viral, many players estimate that this will take two to three minutes of a normal Metal Gear Solid speedrun match. The coolest thing is that they already nicknamed the glitch “Boba Skip”, in honor of its discoverer.


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