Metal Gear Solid 2 Remake Was Just a Catch

Metal Gear Solid 2, Anyone who follows the news with some frequency must have seen that, this month, an indication appeared in the air that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty could win a remake or remaster taking into account a message published on Twitter. However, the Ars Technica website made a more thorough investigation and discovered that everything was apparently just a prank that got out of control.

According to the website, Tom Olsen’s profile was created by a Twitter user known as Nitroid, and it was just a way to create a perspective on the other side of the game, showing events from the perspective of Big Shell employees. As the official profile of the series ended up interacting with this character account a few times, this led many players to believe that something was really going to happen.

In addition, another user known as Lance McDonald appeared on the network to say that everything was really just a joke that the official account of the franchise ended up accepting and carrying out interactions. In any case, Nitroid deleted all messages on his profile that had anything to do with Tom Olsen, and ended up revealing that he used an emulator to get the images that appear in his messages in order to make them better (and the captures were extracted Document of Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation 2).

But what now, is the remake gone?

Even though all this prank on Twitter has thrown a bucket of cold water at some, it’s still worth remembering that recently David Hayter, Snake’s voice actor, commented that he heard that there is indeed some movement towards making a title remake of the Metal Gear series – even mentioning that the dubbing work would have to be redone if that happened.

As we are still not officially informed by Konami, the way is to wait a little longer before drawing any kind of conclusion.



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