Metal Gear Solid 2 Has Trailer Remastered With Upscaling to 4K


Metal Gear Solid 2 was shown to the public during E3 2000 with a trailer that made many excited to see what the title had to offer. If you’re in this group (and have fond memories of the occasion), you might enjoy the fact that the team at the Digital Foundry website has updated this material to the present day, presenting the video entirely in 4K.

The footage you can see below was originally taken from a trailer made available in Japan and updated to the present day using automatic learning tools, bringing the original 480i project to an even more vivid result with the style seen on today’s platforms.

“The results are certainly intriguing: the texts are upscale easily, as are the HUD elements seen when Snake uses the tranquilizer gun. The most dramatic part is the treatment to Yoji Shinkawa’s iconic art shown towards the end of the recording. Either way, the results are interesting,” explains Richard Leadbetter, one of the technicians on the Digital Foundry team.

And you, what did you think of the result? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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