Metal Gear: Oscar Isaac Reveals His Love for the Franchise


Metal Gear: Speaking to the Total Film website, Oscar Isaac, actor who will play Solid Snake in the film adaptation of Metal Gear, revealed that he is in love with Hideo Kojima’s work, and that elements such as psychedelic military terror and the anti-war message are determining factors for this .

“I just loved the game. I love the feeling the game brings me every time I play the game. The game has an isolated, sad and lonely feeling, with incredible moments of violence and terror, strange and psychedelic concepts and villains. But yeah, it’s like the terrible, psychedelic military stuff that happens,” Isaac commented.

“The truth is, at its heart, it’s an anti-war story. So I think these are the elements that I really love. As I said, I love the feeling of playing and asking myself, ‘Can something like this be transferred – or can you explore these themes in a really interesting way – into a movie?’” concluded the actor.

So far, the Metal Gear movie still doesn’t have a set release date.


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