MetaHumans: Unreal wins realistic character creator


Epic Games today unveiled MetaHumans Creator, its new highly detailed human character creation tool. The company shared a video on the Unreal Engine channel explaining that the novelty will be available soon for version 4.26.1 or higher of the graphics engine. In addition, it released a free project so that the developer community can run its tests.

According to the project description, bringing digital humans to life in high quality is time-consuming and extremely challenging. With MetaHumans Creator, the idea is to make this process radically simpler, faster and scalable without compromising on quality.

Each character created is ready to have the whole body animated, including the face. In the personalization part it is possible to change general aspects of the face, skin tone, body types, hairstyles, use predefined clothes and make other adjustments such as editing even the teeth.

In January 2019, Epic Games announced the purchase of 3DLateral, a company focused on creating digital characters. The following year, she bought a UK startup also specialized in the same type of technology, Cubic Motion. Therefore, the availability of MetaHumans Creator fulfills an expectation of the developer community, which has been constantly welcomed by the owner of Fortnite.

Every month, developers and artists using Unreal Engine receive free content to be used even commercially. This attitude of the company to release several free items every month facilitates the entry of new people in the UE4 and keeps those who already have some type of project in the graphics engine.


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