Metacycle, electric motorcycle with wireless charging


While buying an electric car is still somewhat risky for many considering the limitations in terms of infrastructure and charging points, the truth is that electric mobility is becoming more and more widespread on a day-to-day basis. We have seen how scooters, bikes and even electric motorcycles are invading the streets of major cities around the world. Specifically, electric motorcycles are increasingly in demand by all those who are looking for a fast and ecological way to move comfortably around their city, even in areas where other combustion vehicles do not have access.

One of the main handicaps of this type of vehicle can be its cost price, however, due to the increase in its demand, today we can find quite affordable models with very good designs and features. This is the case with the new Sondors Metacycle, a fully electric motorcycle at an incredible price and very good performance.

This is the new 100% electric motorcycle Sondors Metacycle

The manufacturer Sondors is one of the most prestigious in the world of electric bikes, but it has gone a step further with this Metacycle. A motorcycle that has a price of $ 5,000, even well below many of the electric bicycle models on the market and that offers a range of up to approximately 130 km.

A model that has been designed for everyday and urban use, since it allows you to move around the city in total comfort. It has only a weight of about 90 kilograms, since it has been made largely of aluminum, which makes it very light and easy to handle by anyone. Of course, thanks to the fact that it is capable of offering great autonomy and that it allows reaching more than 120 km / h, it makes it a motorcycle with which we can move normally on all types of roads.

This Sondors Metacycle is equipped with a motor that generates a nominal power of 8kWh and 14.5 of maximum power. Enough power to reach a top speed of 80 mph, which is around 130 km / h. Another curious detail of this model is that it has a compartment in which we can carry the mobile and also offer wireless charging, so we can charge the phone as we drive.


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