Meta says Mixed Reality Is Still Years Away


Meta, which owns Facebook, communicated advertising agencies and potential advertisers that the technology known as Mixed Reality (MR) could still take a few years to get off the ground with the quality and complexity expected by the industry.

According to Reuters, the information came from a videoconference held between the company and partners, and the idea of ​​the conversation was to answer questions and provide more details about how the metaverse works.

So far, Meta has not officially spoken about the matter and, when contacted by the original report, did not send any communiqués about it.

Got it wrong?

MR is a technology that involves activating virtual events or reactions from real objects. Microsoft is one of the strongest names in the industry from the HoloLens equipment, which is already in the second generation.

On the one hand, the forecast was seen as pessimistic, as it throws a bucket of cold water on more ambitious plans in the metaverse. Facebook itself is developing a project called Cambria, which should support the technology, but does not have a release date.

On the other hand, the company reinforced that it is developing projects in the sector and also took the opportunity to show experiments with other technologies, such as ads in Augmented Reality and the use of Virtual Reality to create communities such as Horizon Worlds.