Meta Denies Threatening To Remove Facebook And Instagram From Europe


Meta issued a statement on Tuesday (8) denying having threatened to remove Facebook and Instagram from European countries. The holding company said any reporting that suggests this issue “is not true.” The matter came to light amid the discussion of a new law that intends to prohibit or limit the processing and storage of data that are on servers outside the Old Continent.

The owner of the social networks explained today that, in addition to her, 70 other European and North American companies have also identified a commercial risk arising from the new law. According to Meta, data transfer mechanisms “pose a threat to our ability to serve European consumers and operate our business in Europe”.

“We have absolutely no desire to withdraw from Europe; of course not. But the simple reality is that Meta, like many other companies, organizations and services, depends on data transfers between the EU and the US to operate our global services,” she assured. “Like all publicly traded companies, we are legally required to disclose material risks to our investors,” the statement said.

The tech giant has defended that it is fighting for the fundamental rights of users in the European Union to be protected and for the internet to function without friction and in compliance with applicable laws, but not confined by national borders.

“Companies need clear, global rules to protect transatlantic data flows over the long term, and like other companies across a wide range of industries, we are closely monitoring the potential impact for the millions of people and businesses that use our services as they grow. that these developments advance”.