Met RM, it was an unforgettable ARMY experience


RM from BTS, is distinguished by being so kind, and that is why ARMY do not forget that time they met him.

It is adorable! Kim Nam Joon known as RM, at his young age of 25 he has stolen the heart of ARMY, because some girls and boys have had the fortune or perhaps fate has put them in the same place to coincide with their favorite BTS idol .

Can you imagine meeting the South Korean rapper ?, because some followers have shared their experience of what that meeting with one of the members of the famous K-Pop band was like, revealing on social networks what their leader is like in person.

BTS’s RM is characterized by being a person who cares about the other members of the South Korean boy band, as ARMY has mentioned, since the anecdote of a boy when meeting him surprised him, since he is a charming artist.

Find out what it’s like to meet RM from BTS

The admirers of the South Korean band BTS have followed each of the members very closely, but the leader of the group is a heartbreaker, because in addition to being such a nice and handsome boy, he is a very respectful and attentive man, For on one occasion a great admirer approached him, but RM did something unexpected.

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The boy told his experience and revealed that the leader began to talk to him about his other colleagues in the group and mentioned that he had the signature of some of the BTS members, which was an unforgettable moment for him.

Fall in love over BTS RM

There is no denying that the member of the South Korean band, in addition to being a respectful and honest boy, has also impressed the girls with his way of dressing and the way his hair looks, because the look of RM from BTS makes them fall in love their followers and followers.

The boys and girls who have known their favorite idol very closely have undoubtedly had the best experience of their lives, because due to their autograph signing or an event attended by the members, some followers have had the opportunity to meet RM, do you think the leader of BTS is a charming boy?

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