Mesut Ozil: Fenerbahce of Turkey’s biggest club!


Last minute, Mesut Özil transfer news … Mesut Özil shared a message that will enchant Fenerbahçe fans. Star players on Twitter, “asked Massoud ‘activities and answered questions from the start house itself. First,” Which is your favorite district in Istanbul? “To the question” Kadikoy “answer to that 33-year-old player then blew the actual bomb: Fenerbahce in Turkey s biggest club! like Real Madrid in Spain …

Mesut Özil continues to excite Fenerbahçe fans with every post. The star actor replied “Kadıköy” to the question asked on Twitter. As the star player is getting closer to Fenerbahçe with each passing day, the question “Which is your favorite district in Istanbul?” “Kadıköy” gave the answer to the question. Mesut Özil, whose posts were checked in detail by the fans of Yellow and Blue, and even the notifications were opened for his tweets, winked at the Yellow Navy team with this reply.

“Fenerbahce of Turkey’s biggest club!”

The star player who answered many questions, “What was the reason for you to be Fenerbahce?” And every Turkish-German born and raised in Germany has a Turkish team hired. Mine was also Fenerbahçe. I grew up as a Fenerbahce kid. Fenerbahce is Turkey’s biggest clubs. Like Real Madrid in Spain … “he said.


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