Messi’s phone call that leaves everyone speechless


There is no day that the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, is not news and is not for less after knowing that he is negotiating a new contract for the club where he has played all these years, and that he does not want to let him go for anything in the world. But little is known at the moment of the conditions that the player is imposing on the club culé to stay, it is known that he will demand certain improvements in the workforce, and certain departures that could occur even in these months, but all that remains to be seen .

In a recent interview the football star revealed things from the past when Pep Guardiola was still his coach and the truth is that what he has told has not left anyone indifferent. It turns out that the coach told him on the phone that he was going to change the positions, back in 2009, and this ended up forging the legend we know today.

The five-time Golden Ball winner began his career in Barcelona for the band, with Samuel Eto’o as solo striker. However, in February 2009, Guardiola completely renewed the structure of Barça to make it the ‘tiki-taka’ system for which it is still known. One of the main stipulations for the change of system was the use of a false 9, which allowed the exchange between the three attacking players, and the elimination of an absolute forward. Messi was entrusted with the task of playing in 10 to hold the ball so that the ends entered behind.

And in these statements he admitted that Guardiola did not notify him of the change until the same week that he intended to implement the new system, in a decisive clash against his rival, Real Madrid. Something that would end up being very good for the player but that laid the foundations of an icy relationship with the coach, which is still colder than “Frozen”.


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