Messi responds to Griezmann advisor’s comments!


Lionel Messi does not care about rumors. The football player responded to the critical comments of Antoine Griezmann’s former adviser!

Lionel Messi does not have his tongue in his pocket. The Barça football player therefore took the floor following the recent criticisms about Griezmann.

A few days ago, the former adviser to Antoine Griezmann said this about Lionel Messi. “He is the instigator of a regime of terror within FC Barcelona.”

Words that strongly displeased the star of the football fields, and we can understand that. The latter therefore took the floor in order to respond to these accusations.

The latter said: “I’m tired of always being the problem at the club.” A sentence that says a lot about the atmosphere within the club, then.

It has been several weeks since rumors that there is a bad atmosphere within FC Barcelona. So, is this true?


A few weeks ago, Antoine Griezmann’s advisor, Eric Olhats, highlighted Lionel Messi’s bad character. And in France Football that he had made murderous statements.

“He is both an emperor and a monarch and he did not welcome the arrival of Antony. His attitude was deplorable, he made him feel, ”he said in the football magazine, therefore. And that’s not all !

The latter continued: “I have always heard Antoine say that there was no problem with Messi, but never the other way around. This is the regime of terror. Either you are with him or you are against him, “he said. Atmosphere …

The football club is going through a difficult period at the moment … Indeed, the club is about to elect its new president in January 2021.

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Added to this, the integration of Grizemann will not be smooth. Emmanuel Lopes, the uncle of the young Maconnais told M6 that his nephew confided that the bad atmosphere reigned within the club. “I know what’s going on inside, so it’s not easy,” he explained.


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