Messi Is a Pokemon Fan Whose Life Perfectly Repeats The Life of Ash Ketchum.


After learning about Lionel Messi’s love for Pokemon, fans came to the conclusion that the football player actually has a lot in common with Ash Ketchum.

Lionel Messi led Argentina to the 2022 FIFA World Cup late last year after beating France. Of course, the world champion made headlines around the world.

Messi even made a viral Instagram post, which quickly became the most popular in the history of the platform, gaining almost 75 million likes at the time of writing.

However, recently some fans have started buzzing about Messi for a completely different reason — his shocking connection with Ash Ketchum.

Messi’s life is exactly the same as that of Pokemon star Ash Ketchum.

A recent post on the Barcelona Out of Context Twitter account draws attention to some interesting points related to Messi’s shared experience with a fictional character.

Two photos in the tweet emphasize the world champion’s love for Pokemon, as evidenced by the Pikachu hat he wears in one photo.

The third image is a parallel comparison of the lives of Messi and Ketchum. Both were born in 1987, left their hometown at a young age and became world champions in their professions in 2022. Oddly enough, even the photos of their championship teams have a noticeable similarity.


Of course, all this is a strange coincidence, but it seems worth mentioning. In addition, they were born relatively close to each other. Pokemon has Ash Ketchum’s birthday registered as May 22, 1987, and Lionel Messi was born a month later, on June 24.

However, their professional paths may soon diverge. While Ash Ketchum is moving away from the attention of Pokemon, it seems that Lionel Messi has a lot more football left in the future.


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