Messenger will alert users of scam attempts


Facebook will alert Messenger users about receiving potentially harmful content. The novelty aims to detect, in advance, coup attempts, identity theft and inappropriate approaches, especially from unknown adults to children under 18.

According to the company, the resource will help the public to be more cautious in situations of this type. “Our strategy for keeping people safe on Messenger is not only focused on providing them with the information and controls necessary to prevent abuses from happening, but also on detecting them quickly, should they occur,” he explained in a statement.

It is important to remember that the conventional messaging app and its Kids division already have a security system that limits contact between adults and children and teenagers. This also includes using machine learning to detect and disable accounts with inappropriate conduct.

Security feature faces loopholes
Facebook stressed that detecting scam attempts, especially money, identity theft and sending false information, may not always work. After all, digital fraudsters are constantly refining their methods of hooking victims as new anti-crime tools are launched.

Alert updates should be necessary with Zuckerberg’s plans to strengthen Messenger with standard encryption in the future to ensure more privacy for users. This makes even more sense during the pandemic period, when it is common to offer miracle cures and other unrealistic promises to combat covid-19.


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