Messari Highlights Current Metrics: Technical Outlook on Avalanche (AVAX)!


Crypto research firm Messari stated that the daily number of transactions recorded on the Avalanche blockchain significantly approaches the daily transaction numbers recorded on the Ethereum network. In addition, Messari stated that there may be a serious decrease in transaction fees on the Avalanche network with important updates to the network in the future.

Messari Points to Current Data

Messari stated that the number of daily transactions recorded on Avalanche significantly approached the number of daily transactions recorded on the Ethereum network in the first quarter of 2022. Pointing to the current data, Messari pointed out the increase in the number of daily transactions, and also stated that in the current situation, Avalanche may surpass Ethereum in the second quarter of 2022 as the number of daily transactions. In addition, crypto research firm Messari added that although transaction fees on the Avalanche network show an upward trend compared to daily transactions, with significant updates to the network, transaction fees may also decrease significantly.

Avalanche (AVAX) Current Technical View

AVAX, which has started to record downward price movements in recent weeks with the downward trend in the market, has lost an average of 8% in the last 1-week time frame. AVAX faced a buy-side reaction from the $73 price levels during the week. With the effect of the current downtrend and high volatility in the market, AVAX started trading at $77 price levels after the last price movements it recorded.

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