Messaging with Instagram is getting easier: New era!


Instagram and Facebook Messenger will now work together. Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook; Messenger aims to see the trio of Instagram and WhatsApp together.

How will Instagram and Facebook Messenger serve?

The new update, developed for iOS and Android-based smartphones, will guide Instagram users with an information screen. On this screen, “There is a new way to send messages via Instagram.” We will encounter the sentence.

The chat screen will now have a more colorful look. In addition, new emojis and fast response feature are among the innovations that come with this update.

From now on, an Instagram user will be able to communicate directly with their friends on their Facebook profile. In addition, the direct message (DM) icon on the upper right of the Instagram screen will be replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo.

The feature that enables you to communicate with people who are posted on the Facebook profile via Instagram is still under development. In this context, let’s note that the new update can only be tested in the USA.

Mark Zuckerberg wants communication between Facebook and Instagram to be protected with an end-to-end encryption system. Facebook competes with the iMessage application developed by Apple.

Facebook, which incorporated the Instagram team for $ 1 billion in 2012, shook hands with WhatsApp in 2014. The price of this handshake was $ 19 billion.

Finally, it is not clear when this update will be delivered to all users.

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